8 years of Raanjhanaa who told Aashiqui to be UPSC exam: Read best dialogues of Sonam-Dhanush’s film

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8 years of Raanjhanaa who told Aashiqui to be UPSC exam: Read best dialogues of Sonam-Dhanush’s film

Ranjhana's Kundan

Ranjhana’s Kundan

The fire in my chest could have either made me alive or could have killed me, but who fucks up now, who should work hard again to put my heart to it, to break it, let someone stop it by giving a voice, this girl who has dead eyes I am sitting next to you, even today, if you say yes, the oath of Mahadev will come back, but now there is no brother-in-law in the mood, there is happiness in closing your eyes, it is good to sleep, but someday you will wake up on the same Ganges bank. To play the damru, to run in the streets of the same Banaras, to fall in love with some Zoya again.

Kundan Ki Aashiqui

Kundan Ki Aashiqui

You also fooled till the very end Zoya, what do you think Zoya, you are a very brave angel? My talent is to love you, Zoya. You have no hand in this. If there was no one in your place, I would have loved him so much. What do you think Zoya, you are the only one in Banaras for Kundan? We will marry you on the day of your marriage, even if we do it with a black bitch, and as far as your marriage goes, we will do everything in that too, we will die, but even after taking your name after today, I am not a father’s child.

kundan ki dialoguebaazi

kundan ki dialoguebaazi

She was in prayer but it seemed that our prayer was accepted.

kundan's indolence

kundan’s indolence

Will have to sit behind me in the scooter, if I hit the brakes then I will have to fall on me, I will have to dance and sing with me, girlfriend na sahi, feel hi de de.

Kundan's Attitude

Kundan’s Attitude

This is Banaras and if Launda brother-in-law loses here too, where will he win?

Kundan's wisdom

Kundan’s wisdom

We shed blood, you shed tears, brother-in-law Aashiqui na ho gaya, lathi-charged.

kundan's frankness

kundan’s frankness

We had more pleasure with Puppy on his cheek than a slap on our cheek.

Kundan's clown

Kundan’s clown

Oh rickshawwala, don’t take money from madam – sister-in-law is yours.

Kundan's stiffness

Kundan’s stiffness

Sorry I didn’t even tell my father when it was my mistake. Now it is neither my fault nor you are my father.

Kundan's fiery

Kundan’s fiery

First of all, know the secret of your heart, then whatever look – a – man, believe it, your heartbeat is saying something, listen to me, where is the heart, there is a sun around the eyes, that if you are then you Pay the sacrifice.

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